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Advocacy in Action 2021

This year the Ohio Chapters all participated in the Advocacy in Action campaign. All Congressional Districts and our 2 Senators were divided amongst the Chapters and we were able to cover every District.

The 3 topics for discussion were:

     1. Comprehensive Toxic Exposure Reform. Service members, Veterans and families of every generation face lifelong challenges of toxic exposure.

     2. Basic Needs Allowance. Young military families facing food insecurity. Provide a basic need allowance of $400 monthly subsidy to service members with household gross income at or below 130% of the poverty line.

     3. TRICARE young adult parity. (The Health Care Fairness for Military Families Act, H.R. 475). Ensure military families have the same health care protection for their young adult children as their civilian counterparts.

This year was a great success. All Chapters reported considerable to strong support from Ohio Congressional leaders to support these initiatives. Many are sponsors of bills or are looking to sponsor bills to support these initiatives.

Ohio Western Reserve Chapter with Rep Anthony Gonzalez (OH-16) and Rep Bob Gibbs (OH-7), 13 May 2021.

Rep Gonzalez participated in the video conference, as did several members of his staff. Rep Gonzalez was very supportive of all the bills we talked about, particularly HR 475 TRICARE Young Adult. He said he did not know too much about HR2339 (Basic Need Allowance) but was interested and would look up more information about it. I would recommend someone from MOAA follow up with his office. During the month of August, Rep Gonzalez signed on as a cosponsor for HR2339.

Rep Gibbs was unable to attend the scheduled video conference because of a last-minute call to a vote. His office manager Madeline Perrino took the call with us. She took notes while we talked and referenced the documents on each bill that we sent her. Her responses were very supportive, and she stated will pass all this information to Rep Gibbs and recommend he support all the MOAA recommended bills. She was very supportive of all four bills we discussed. We had some minor technical problems but none of those has any significant impact on the conference with Rep Gibbsí office.

Ohio Council and Chapters.

On May 19, 2021, MG(R) Dan Hahn and Col Dick Calta discussed 3 critical MOAA legislative issues with Senator Portman's Office in support of Ohio's MOAA Council and Chapters Advocacy in Action, 2021.
Shown in this screen shot with Dan and Dick are Robin Janofsky and Michael Dustman of Senator Portman's office.

The legislative actions discussed were Comprehensive Toxic Exposure Reform, TRICARE for Young Adult, and Provide Basic Need Allowance for families facing food insecurity.
Senator Portman is supportive of all 3 measures and is a cosponsor of the Burn Pit Exposure Act and looks to cosponsor the more comprehensive Toxic Exposure Bill.

Dayton Area Chapter 60 Years Old

The Dayton Area Chapter (DAC) president was surprised when the certificate above showed up in his home mailbox. Did you know that the DAC was 60 years old? The DAC President for one sure did not know that. Further, when he mentioned the certificate at the latest meeting of MOAA Ohio Council of Chapters in July the members present were also surprised. He was told that the DAC just may be the oldest MOAA Chapter in the state. The certificate was accompanied by a short note from Lt Gen Adkins USAF (ret). His note was not generic. The General congratulated the DAC membership on some of the DAC activities. It is a guess that the National MOAA staff member that prepared the noteís content had read of DAC activities in their monthly newsletter, or the latest Level of Excellence submission, a copy of both which was/is sent to National MOAA. So, the DAC has some history. For the DAC President, when the certificate arrived he had the same feeling he got when doing genealogy and finds a long lost relative.

From Left to Right: Dick Calta & Congressman Jim Renacci, Rod Hosler & Qais Roshan, Legislative Aide/Congresswoman Joyce Beatty, Rod Hosler & Matthew Silver, Legislative Director/Congressman Warren Davidson, and Dick Calta & Congressman Bill Johnson

MOAA-OCC Officers Storming the Hill 2017.

     MOAA annually conducts "Storming the Hill" that allows MOAA council leadership an opportunity to visit Capitol Hill and meet with each state's Senatorial and Congressional delegations to discuss key defense issues. This year, our Storming the Hill campaign urged legislators to repeal the harmful federal budget sequestration caps and correct a major financial penalty currently imposed on military survivors whose sponsors die of service caused conditions (SBP-DIC offset). The MOAA Storming the Hill took place on Wednesday 5 April, with a preparation briefing on 4 April and post-storming session on 6 April.

     The Ohio Council of Chapters (OCC) was represented by Col. Dick Calta, OCC President, MSVC and OWRC member, and LTC Rod Hosler, OCC First Vice President and MSVC member. The Storming the Hill event, teamed council members with a member of the MOAA National Board of Directors, a member of the MOAA Nation Staff, or a member of one of MOAA's Surviving Spouses, Currently Serving, or Spouse Advisory Committees. Our team included Col. Brian Anderson, who is well known to our chapter and Ms. Cathy Artino, Associate Editor of The Military Officer magazine.

     Also, included in this overall program were presentations given by Dr. David J. Shulkin, the new Secretary of Veterans Affairs, and Congressman Mike Coffman of Colorado a retired Marine Corps officer. The MOAA Col. Marvin J. Harris Communications Awards were presented, and our Central Ohio won 4-Star recognition for itís newsletter; the Dayton Area Chapter won a 5-Star recognition for itís website and a 4-Star for itís newsletter; Ohio Western Reserve Chapter won a 4-Star each for itís website and newsletter; and Mahoning and Shenango Valleys Chapter won a 5-Star for itís website and a 4-Star recognition for our newsletter. Well done for Col Pete Wilkinson, Central Ohio; CAPT. Terry Cooney, Dayton Area; LTC David Riegler and Mrs. Janet Oglesby, Ohio Western Reserve; and Mr. Bruce Bille and Janet Oglesby, Mahoning and Shenango Valleys Chapter. There are 440 chapters and councils and only 87 received awards, and only four Ohio chapters and the council won awards. Other MOAA related briefings were presented as well. MOAA set up a field headquarters at the Crowne Plaza Old Town hotel, in Alexandria, VA that served as briefing, lodging and dining location. We walked everywhere on Capitol Hill (five legislative office buildings), and met with the two Ohio Senators and all sixteen Representatives or their legislative staffers, and received much positive feedback. The experience was extremely favorable, except for sore feet. Accompanying Dick was his wife Linda, and accompanying Rod was his wife and Chapter First Vice President former LT. Florence Hosler.

LEFT - Col Dennis Crouch receives a plaque of appreciation from COL Richard Schroeder. Denny was secretary - treasurer for the past four years.

RIGHT - Col Dick Calto presents a MOAA jacket to outgoing president COL Richard Schroeder.

Ohio's 2015 Level of Excellence winners. Pictured above is Front Row: CAPT John McDonald, USN, Toledo Chapter, 4 Star; COL Richard Schroeder, USA, Ohio Council of Chapters, 4 Star.
Back Row: LTC Larry Ashbaugh, USA, Ohio Western Reserve Chapter, 5 Star; LTC Gary Williams, USA, Mahoning and Shenango Valleys Chapter, 4 Star; CAPT Bill Tate, USN, Central Ohio Chapter, 5 Star, and LTC Al Brauer, USA, Greater Cincinnati Chapter, 5 Star

MOAA Regional workshop in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Pictured above is COL Rich Schroeder, USA and wife Claudia, and Captain George Williams USN (Ret) and wife Dorothy.  Others who attended were Gary Williams from Mahoning and Shenango Chapter, COL Pete Wilkinson, USAF from Central Ohio Chapter, MAJ Frank DiMarco, USMC from Greater Cleveland Chapter, Ohio Council of Chapters President CAPT Terry Cooney and wife, and Past President CAPT John McDonald and wife.

MOAA Ohio members meet with State Representative Stautberg to express their appreciation to him for his continued efforts to provide relief from Ohio State Income Tax to retired commissioned officers of the Public Health Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or their survivors as is provided to the other five uniformed services. Ohio Governor Kasich signed the legislation 30 June 2013. Pictured above is Captain Larry Reed PHS (Ret), Captain George Williams USN (Ret), Ohio Representative Peter Stautberg, Rear Admiral John Bossler NOAA (Ret), and Colonel John McCoy USAF (Ret).

Colonel Walter Duzzny (left), President of the Mahoning and Shenango Valleys Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America (MSVC Ė MOAA) is shown receiving its Charter from Retired Vice Admiral Norbert R. Ryan, President and CEO of MOAA, headquartered in Alexandria, VA. Over 50 members are listed as Charter members.

LEFT - 2nd VP LTC Rasile, USA, Ret; Secretary/Treasurer, CWO3 Don Oglesby, USCG, Ret; President of MOAA Vice Admiral Ryan, USN, Ret; President MSV Chapter, COL Walter Duzzny, USA, Ret; 1st VP, LT John Holzer, USN

RIGHT - The chartering Ceremony at Mahoning and Shenango Valleys Chapter had one present and four past chapter presidents. Duzzny, Calta, Oglesby, Mihai are charter members of MSVC

2010 Ohio Council President John McCoy, left, passes the gavel to the Ohio Council new President CAPT George Williams. Also pictured are CAPT Terry Cooney, 1st VP and CWO3 Kym Mader, 2nd VP.

2010 Oho Council President John McCoy, right, presents a Certificate of Appreciation to Lieutenant Colonel Harry Weiss, President of the Toledo Chapter as the most successful Ohio Chapter for recruiting during 2010.

Members of the Ohio Western Reserve Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America (OWRC-MOAA) have elected and installed their officers for 2011. Those installed are MAJ David Sears (USA, ret), president; LTC Tony Cookro (USAR, ret), first vice-president; MGEN Dan Hahn (USA, ret), second vice-president; and LTC Dave Riegler (USA, ret), treasurer. Trustees for 2011 are COL Bob Thompson (USA, ret), three-year; Col Dick Calta (USAF, ret), two-year; and LTC Wayne King (USA, ret), one-year. The installing officer was Col Dick Calta, the out-going chapter president.

Commander Walter Rey, USN-Ret, (R) Central Ohio Chapter, receiving the five-star Level of Excellence Award, for 2009, from Gen. Butch Neal, USMC-Ret., MOAAís Chairman of the Board (L), during the annual meeting of MOAA.

Lt Col Martin Stires (R) of the Central Ohio Chapter presents a check in the amount of $1,500. to Richard Isbell (L), Veterans Affairs Coordinator for the Mayor of Columbus, Ohio, for support of the Homeless Veterans Stand Down held in Central Ohio October 2010. Several members of the chapter also volunteered to asssist the day of the event.

LEFT - Storming the Hill - 2010. Jean Schmidt, member of Congress representing the 2nd District of Oho, and James Langenderfer, LA, reviews the MOAA brochure on military issues with Colonel John McCoy, President of the Ohio Council of Chapters.

RIGHT - Storming the Hill - 2010. Congressman Steve Austria representing the 7th District of Ohio and Colonel John McCoy, President of the Ohio Council of Chapters, discuss proposed issues for military legislation.

     2009 MOAA President's Symposium
Military Officers Club of Central Ohio receives 5-star award accepted by chapter president CDR Walter Rey,USN.

     Ohio MOAA members invited to the signing of H. B. 372 by Governor Strickland. Sponsoring legislatures were in attendance also. This legislation exempted military retirement pay from Ohio State Income Tax and Ohio School District Income Tax.

     Ohio Western Reserve Chapter President retired Colonel Dick Calta presents the 2009 MOAA award to Kent State University Army Cadet Joseph B. Gray at a ceremony on April 22. U.S. Army LTC Ricardo J. Mitchell, Kent State University Professor of Military Science assists with the presentation.

Operation Iraqi Children

Letter to Greater Cincinnati Chapter from Gary Sinise


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